Lumi Eyes By Dermaren - SKIN BOOSTERS

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Lumi eyes course covers product knowledge, theory and injection protocols.

LUMI EYES This is the newest tissue simulator designed for needle mesotherapy treatments around the eyes and the tear trough area with a filling effect, but with no side effects in the form of lymphoedema.

Lumi Eyes is a high-quality product that repairs damage to the dermis with polynucleotides with a strong tissue regenerating effect . The effect of the treatment is strong hydration and rejuvenation of the tissue, as well as the reduction of symptoms of fatigue and skin blueing.


Revitalization of the eyelid area
Sagging and numerous wrinkles
Tiredness and bruising of the eyelids
Benefits of Dermaren Lumi Eyes:

Complex whitening and skin rejuvenation
Restoration of damaged skin
Forming a healthy skin barrier
Regeneration of cells and tissues of the dermis
Anti-aging and anti-fine wrinkles
Skin lightening & rejuvenation
Improvement of skin elasticity