Online Ombre Acrylic Nail Extensions Course

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Ombre Acrylic Nail Extension Course

Our online training course for Omb. Nail Extensions is specially designed for experienced nail specialists who want to expand their skills and offer this popular treatment on their menu. The course provides comprehensive training on how to create beautiful and seamless ombre nail extensions for clients.

The course covers all the essential aspects of Omb. Nail Extensions, including the necessary tools and equipment, product knowledge, and application techniques. Participants will learn how to create different ombre designs using different colors and techniques, and how to blend them smoothly for a flawless finish.

The course includes detailed video tutorials, written instructions, and supporting documentation, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the techniques and skills needed to create beautiful and long-lasting ombre nail extensions. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice their skills on models and receive feedback from experienced instructors throughout the course.

Upon completion of the course, participants will have the knowledge and skills needed to provide their clients with high-quality and on-trend ombre nail extensions, helping them to attract new clients and differentiate themselves from other nail technicians in their area.

It is advised that you have completed The Online Acrylic Nail Extension course or The Online Gel Dipping Powder Course First to gain all the underpinning knowledge needed for this advanced Nail Extension technique.

This Course Covers

  • Bespoke First Aid for the Beauty Sector
  • Health, Safety and Hygiene for the Beauty Sector
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • What is Ombre Nail Extensions?
  • Timings and Pricing
  • Trolley Set Up
  • Client Consultation Process and Procedure
  • Nail Shapes
  • Ombre Nail Extensions Step by Step Procedure
  • Ombre Nail Extensions Video Demonstration
  • Nail Extensions Soak Off Step by Step
  • Nail Extensions Soak Off Video Demonstration
  • Aftercare