Online Permanent Hair Removal Course

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Permanent Hair Removal Course

Permanent Hair Removal is the use of a laser to remove or reduce the appearance of hair on the body or face. The laser will emit light to the selected area which will destroy or damage the hair follicle making the hair finer and shorter, overall, this treatment will reduce the appearance of the hair, but client’s may need a course of treatments to remove their hair altogether.

To achieve the best results, Permanent hair removal should be performed during the anagen (growing) phase of the hair cycle. Although, each hair will reach this phase at different times, so it is recommended that multiple sessions take place to see the best results. Each person will react different to this treatment depending on their hair colour and skin tone, but the average person will need around d 6 sessions to see the best effects. Clients will need a break between sessions, we would suggest having this treatment on your face every 4 weeks and 6-week intervals for treatments on the body.

Each treatment will take around 60 minutes or less depending on the area, with around 6-8 sessions to see the best results. Once fully qualified you will be able to charge anywhere between £50 to £500, depending on the requirements of each client.

This Online Permanent Hair Removal Course Covers:

  • Bespoke First Aid for the Beauty Sector
  • Health, Safety and Hygiene for the Beauty Sector
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • What is Laser Hair Removal?
  • Suitability
  • Timings and Pricing
  • Client Consultation Process and Procedure
  • Laser Hair Removal Step by Step Procedures
  • Laser Hair Removal Video Demonstrations